Frequently Asked Questions


Will the library be available on the internet?
The entire library will not be available online.  We will offer various components and compositions with teaching aids to help people understand Indian music.

Can anyone use it?

Can recordings be checked out and taken home?
Only published recordings will be available for home use.

Will there be any other artists in the library besides Ali Akbar Khan?
There will be other artists. Many artists have performed at the college and we will include their performances in the library. In the beginning stage, we are only focusing on Ali Akbar Khan’s work because of the archive costs.

Will there be tabla classes?

Can I make copies of the notation of the classes?
The notation of classes will be viewable on the computer, but students must copy them by hand if they want to take the notation home.

How big is the library?
The current work space that houses the library is one room on our college campus.

Are you currently hiring?
Not at this time. Our current focus is on archiving material, and we have a work force intact.