About the Ali Akbar Khan Library


The Ali Akbar Khan Library is housed on the AACM campus in Marin County, California. This unique repository contains over 40 years of the Maestro’s musical compositions, recorded classes and performances.

Along with audio and video recordings of Maestro Khan the library contains articles and reviews, historical photos, historical documentation of the AACM, and books about North Indian classical music. Future plans include tabla classes and concerts that were presented by the AACM throughout its long history documenting many of India’s most illustrious artists.

Ali Akbar Khan Library has completed the digital preservation of over 7,000 hours of sensitive class audio tapes, and 900 concert recordings while referencing them for public access. An experienced student, or music lover, may want to immediately access the database of ragas to locate a particular composition or to listen to a particular raga, or tabla accompanist, while a novice to the music would like to better understand the workings of ragas and talas (rhythm cycles).

An archive of a master musician such as Ali Akbar Khansahib has never been available before. Our long term goal is to utilize the library to continue offering the finest education in North Indian Classical Music in the world. This collection will provide present and future generations with the opportunity to study directly from Maestro Khan’s teachings, ensuring the preservation and purity of North Indian Classical Music.